Good relationships don’t just happen, they take dedication and work. But you also need to know what to work at. Here are some tips for a happy and healthy lesbian relationship. Expecting someone else to meet your needs is a failed concept. Instead, focus on taking care of yourself and what you can.

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Bisexual Quotes I accept you, and you get the same respect from me whether you are black, white, gay straight, Asian, bisexual, Australian, tall, fat, whatever it is. We are all people, and I look at the people of the world the same way, as my brothers and sisters.

Check out our book Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love for more info on how to avoid this and other common lesbian relationship problems, or take the ground-breaking online course The 12-Week Roadmap To Conscious Lesbian Dating and lasting Love.

We talked to seven lesbian couples who have been together for 30 years or more in hopes of getting some advice about making a relationship last a lifetime.

Religions "Religion is a cow. It gives milk, but it also kicks." — Buddha. "Religion is an organization bent on the dissemination of faith, over and above the meaning or truth of the object of that faith."

If you’re a veteran lesbian, chances are you’ve been in at least one long term relationship with a girl. You may have noticed that it was scary and difficult. However, if you are new to the scene and curious about the future, here is a list of things you can expect to find yourself experiencing.

290 quotes have been tagged as gay-romance: Dani Alexander: ‘Do you know what I did to the last guy that called me Tinkerbelle?Slept with him?Darr.

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Lesbian Quotes and Sayings Quotes about Lesbian. Please enjoy these Lesbian Quotes from the wise, the romantic, and the famous of the past and present.

Bissu. The bissu belong to one of the five genders of the Bugis. There are divergent theories regarding the definitive origins and meaning of "gender transcendent", as they are commonly called. For one to be considered bissu, all aspects of gender must be combined to form a whole.That can include those who are born intersex.However, some of them have fully functioning male or female sexual organs.

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Question: "What does the Bible say about being a lesbian? Does the Bible mention lesbianism?" Answer: Some are under the assumption that, while the Bible condemns gay sex between men, it nowhere condemns being a lesbian/lesbianism. Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 mention men having sex with other men, but say nothing of women having sex with other women.

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To maintain their advantage over men, women today are dedicating themselves to their education and career. Western women, in particular, have been so thoroughly sold on the idea of status and consumerist orgy that they are no longer interested in relationships.

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